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Whether you want to start a career in Pilates, or are looking to take your love of movement to the next level, we have a course for you!

Balanced Body have been in the business of Pilates since 1976 and are world leaders in Pilates education. With over 500 Master Instructors delivering courses in over 60 countries, if you train with Balanced Body you’ll receive a qualification that is recognised globally.

Course Options

Studio Training

Gain the skills you need to work in a fully equipped Pilates studio. With a range of repertoire and modifications to suit all clients.

Reformer Training

Want to teach private or small group Reformer classes in a Pilates studio or gym? This is the course that will get you there.

Mat Training

Mat exercises form the basis of all Pilates repertoire, understanding these foundations gives you the tools to work with any client.


Payment plans are available on all Balanced Body courses, so you can find a way to make your dream of becoming a Pilates instructor happen.

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