Exam Process

Exam Process​

Your final Balanced Body exam is taken when you  feel ready to be examined. There is no set timeline to complete by, we suggest 6 months after your last module.

You will sit a one hour written exam consisting of multiple choice questions, short answers and programming tasks. This is a closed book test.

You will also complete a one hour practical teaching test where you’ll be assessed on your verbal and tactile cues, repertoire knowledge and client engagement. The program you teach on the day will be written for you using repertoire from all the modules you have studied.


Mat: one hour group Mat class taught to a minimum of 3 clients.

Reformer: one hour group Reformer class taught to a minimum of 3 clients.

Studio: one hour studio session taught to two clients with separate programs.


Reformer $195

Mat $195

Studio: $250

Exams are usually held twice per year. Please contact us for dates.

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