Reformer for Fitness Professionals includes:

From fundamentals to advanced movement, create an inspiring Pilates Reformer Program in your fitness centre.

Balanced Body’s Pilates Reformer for Fitness Professionals is a robust program designed to immediately activate and inspire your Pilates Reformer space. You will learn how to safely utilise the Reformer and the Pilates method to best meet the needs and goals of your members, as well as create progressive yet approachable Pilates Reformer classes, giving the perfect workout every time. Instilling cueing and coaching techniques specifically designed to make your Pilates classes accessible, your team will bring quality Pilates instruction to the fitness world.

Reformer Level 1 (16 hours)

Fitness professionals will learn beginner level repertoire and safety on the Pilates Reformer. With a selection of variations to keep your classes interesting yet simple to follow, you will learn to master not just the movements, but the underlying principles of Pilates.

Manuals include easy to follow sequences that make for time efficient programming, while still finding appropriate challenge and incorporating principles of overload.

Reformer Level 2 (16 hours)

Reformer Level 2 expands the potential of the Reformer with intermediate and advanced repertoire in a variety of positions.

These movements will progress from the work learnt in Level 1 and further challenge your clients strength and coordination. 

Our educators will help your team develop their verbal and tactile cues, to ensure every exercise is delivered with precision.

If you want your team to come out of their Pilates training with hands on experience, there simply is no better option.


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